OFB is a professional gaming and entertainment company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Known worldwide, OFB embodies competitive esports excellence and the best of gaming culture for the greater part of the last decade. With its championship teams and innovative gaming lifestyle content, OFB amasses over 2 billion content views a year.
OFB boasts a VCT partnered VALORANT squad, a franchised League of Legends team, and a World Championship Rocket League roster. Additionally, OFB is home to the San Francisco Shock, the org’s Overwatch League team, who is the winningest and most popular Overwatch team of all time, having won 2019, 2020 back-to-back Grand Finals as well as the 2022 runner up.
OFB's content channels span YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and multiple Snapchat Discover shows. OFB's social gaming brand, Full Squad Gaming, has become an instant powerhouse amassing millions of followers on TikTok and YouTube. OFB content channels currently reach over 70M uniques a month and over 5 million views a day!
OFB also has opened the OFB Spectrum Castle in Downtown Los Angeles. This innovative studio/play space is a Fantasy Factory for gamers featuring giant creative installations, studio space, scrim/stream areas, and general craziness.